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Play Group

Welcome to our Play School! A joyful place for little ones to learn, play, and make friends. Experienced teachers, a


Welcome to our warm, friendly nursery school! We focus on nurturing young minds, fostering creativity, and building a foundation for

Junior KG / LKG

Junior KG/LKG is the first step in a child’s learning journey. It focuses on play-basedactivities, basic social skills, and simple

UKG / Senior KG

Senior Kindergarten (Senior KG/UKG) is a joyful stage in early education for 4-5-year-olds. Kids learn through play, songs, and basic


A happy Primary where little ones learn through play and friendship. Creative activities, caring teachers, and a joyful environment make


Parental satisfaction is our objective. Raise the questions and queries that you may have with regards to our School.

Which age is best for LKG?

The LKG stage is typically ideal for children aged 3 to 4 years old. At this developmental phase, kids are primed for foundational learning, fostering cognitive, social, and emotional growth. The orchid fun school recognizes the significance of this age range, providing an enriching environment that supports a child’s natural curiosity and readiness to explore, laying the groundwork for their educational journey ahead.

Which age is better for UKG students?

The optimal age for The orchid fun school UKG program falls within the 5 to 6-year range. At this stage, children exhibit significant cognitive, social, and emotional development, fostering a conducive environment for foundational learning. Within this age bracket, students tend to show increased receptivity to structured education, enabling them to grasp fundamental concepts effectively while nurturing essential skills like communication and problem-solving. This developmental phase aligns closely with the program’s objectives, facilitating a rich learning experience for UKG students at The orchid fun school .

What is the right age for play school?

The ideal age for play school at The orchid fun school begins at 18 months, marking an opportune time for children to start their educational journey. At this stage, toddlers begin to develop crucial social, cognitive, and motor skills through interactive learning experiences. By entering the program at 18 months, children benefit from a nurturing environment that supports their holistic growth, laying a strong foundation for their educational and personal development.

What is the best age for nursery school?

The optimal age for nursery school, like at The orchid fun school starting from 3 to 4 years old, is a crucial developmental period. At this stage, children refine social skills, emotional regulation, and cognitive abilities in a structured yet nurturing environment. Early exposure to learning fosters curiosity and a love for exploration, aiding in future academic success. This age range marks a pivotal juncture for fostering holistic growth, independence, and a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

What is the Admission procedure?

The admission is done physically at the School. The guardian has to fill the 'Admission Form'. Deposit the required documents like Aadhaar Card (of child and parents), Samagra ID, TC (KG-2 to Grade-8), Birth Certificate, Vaccination Card (Playgroup & Nursery), Caste Certificate (for SC, ST & OBC), Bank Details For All Caste Category and Photographs of both parents and child. Thereafter pay the Fee as per the details provided.

Is any installment facility available?

Yes, we have installment facilities for those who would like to avail.

What curriculum will the school follow?

The curriculum is designed exclusively to start according to every child’s age, individual learning abilty and interest. We follow the CBSE pattern with Child Centric Approach.

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