1. Habits from childhood is said to stay until your last breath in general and hence it’s essential to acquire good habits which are beneficial for one and harmless for others.
  2. Consistency is the key and the good habits will lead an individual to success and earns the person love and respect in the society.
  3. PARENTS AND TEACHERS BE ROLE MODELS – Kids look up to their parents and elders and try to emulate their behaviour, attitude, way of talking and habits. If their behaviour gives them a wrong message, then kids follow the same and those acquired habits are difficult to get changed.
  4. RESPECT ELDERS AND FELLOW BEINGS – Teach kids to be polite and kind to others. Encourage them to give alms to poor, help friends in studies and at play, wish elders and teachers when they pass by etc.
  5. ENCOURAGE KIDS TO USE PROPER WAY OF COMMUNICATION AND SAY NO TO BAD WORDS – remind kids that it’s a bad habit to use bad language and abstain from it. Ask them to inspire their friends to do the same. Appreciate them when they speak politely.
  6. DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST – Breakfast is the brain food and try to make it as healthy as possible.
  7. Vegetables is a source of a lot of vitamins and other nutrients. Hence, encourage kids to have plenty of veggies as salads and in meals.
  8. Kids must be encouraged to work out and play games. Kids too much glued on to the screens of laptops and tabs turn detrimental to the overall development of the kid in addition to visual impairment, obesity, tardiness etc and exercises plus outdoor games are crucial.
  9. DRINKING WATER IS IMPORTANT – Staying hydrated makes the digestion, blood circulation, excretion and every other biological function smooth and dehydration leads to disorders of the same. Stay hydrated.
  10. OBEY RULES – initially kids can be incentivised to obey rules by giving rewards and recognition to the obedient ones. Then they can be punished in the next phase and encouraged more to be obedient enough.
  11. BE ORGANISED – Kids should be encouraged to organise their books, backpack, study table, toys and bed from the early years to avoid being messy in future and neat environment generates positive vibes.
  12. ADEQUATE SLEEP – Sleep is an indispensable element of quality life and sleeping 6-11 hours during early childhood should be habituated. Rise early and go to bed early.
  13. CONSISTENCY – Kids must be encouraged to inculcate good habits and be consistent in it. Consistency is the inherent element of a habit.

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