Haven’t you ever noticed that kids always ask a lot of questions and have a quest to learn things? They are curious about everything. Yes, the brain development takes place even before the birth and till the age of three very fastly. The first 8 years of their life can build a foundation for future learning, health and life success. Hence, we must be very careful about their first 8 years. Their brain development totally depends on quality care which is in a healthy and safe environment and therefore it should be the number one priority of parents and teachers. Child care that stimulates and encourages your child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth must be looked forward to.

Early childhood experiences are very important for their brain development as they are born ready to learn and acquire many skills gradually over the years ahead. Hence, if they are exposed to stress and trauma that will result in negative consequents for the child’s brain and therefore they must be provided with a healthy environment through talking, reading and playing which will stimulate their brain growth. The foundation of brain development is always social and emotional development which is rooted in caring relationships.

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